original designs

A closure designed to last. It replaces the typical plastic buckles found on other bags. Its simple but clever design allows gives us to link up different elements of our bags simply, practically, and with improved durability.



The harness that holds our handlebar bag was born from architectural design concepts and constructed from materials used in competitive sailing, like carbon fiber and Dyneema® cord.
The structure allows a rider to use all of their suspension fork travel, without getting in the way of brake hoses or shifter cables. It can be used to attach different types of bags or packs, so that you can load whatever will make your trip easier. It has a high volume and weight capacity, and it’s designed for quick loading and un-loading, even in hard sections.


A bag support designed to keep your seat pack from rubbing on your seat post – very important if your bike has a dropper or a carbon fiber post. It also stabilizes the bag, keeping it in place even through technical sections. It’s made from 6082 T651 aluminum, which has a very high resistance to fatigue, and it’s compatible with almost every saddle on the market.