Designs inspired by great adventures

Handmade with the best materials


Deep Mountain was born out of many beautiful moments on a bike, moments shared with friends, moving through and admiring the incredible landscapes that our planet has to offer. After everything we’ve seen, thought, and enjoyed on our travels has led us to develop long-lasting designs for our next adventures.

We’ve built, designed, imagined and re-imagined; sewn and re-sewn prototypes; and tested all of our products to be able to offer the very best bicycle bags for your travels.

The aesthetic and functionality of our products is based on practicality and simplicity of forms. Each detail in our product line exists because we believe it’s necessary.

The purpose of our bags is to decide what is essential, to design high-quality products, to develop and innovate them.

We use the highest quality materials to guarantee durability and to improve your experience as you discover and explore.

All of our products have been designed in Barcelona and tested again and again on mountain trails all over the world.

We believe in durable, long-lasting products. All of our design effort goes towards making sure that our bags will outlast any other. We use the most durable, hard-wearing materials available.

We create closure solutions to avoid the use of zippers, wherever possible.

Fidlock® brand magnetic closures are simple, easy to use and efficient. They can be opened and closed with one hand.

To make our bags more durable, we sew our seams instead of using a thermoseal. The result is a waterproof and bulletproof seam that will last longer.